My art

My art

I was born an Artist and live a Very eccentric lifestyle I am naturally blessed in anything artistic , creating fantasies,illusions,flowers,oil paintings, gourmet meals , anything I desire to make life prettier,more fantastic and magical, I am posting My work just a sample of what I can do to amuse and entertain the Gods winkI live and breathe to entertain and pamper myself and you in luxury
I was very successful here in North Tampa area as a designer and My shop AWESOME BLOSSSOMS INC. had the connections to over 325 farms worldwide ,I could overnight exotics people had never seen before and I was considered The Best in town , I did up to 4 weddings a weekend and special events for celebrities and large corporations, I made over $325,000 My first year and it was soon after that a family member stole My shop illegally signing My shares of the corporation into their name and stealing My dreams and financial future as a respectable designer . I was so devastated ,I didnt leave My house for over a year and started painting for the first time in My life to get through the depression, this is when I created the oil painting collection I even had an art show and sold most of My 42 paintings, I however kept My favorites and hold a private collection you may view when you come to My private estate. Escape is one of them.
I then decided to take all My knowledge of the Meta physical/Fringe sciences and create an erotic alternative spa experience to harmonize your mind,body and spirit as well as all your earthly desires as a Goddess/High Priestess from the past , I have diversified knowledge in Crystal healing and Chakra re-balancing as well as being a sensual creature that adores men and exploring their desires and needs- Hence My new venture for the past Four years I have been enjoying all the new friends I have met and take care of as a healer/sensualist..

I paint very large Expressionistic paintings . I paint in the dark by full moon or candlelight just to mix My paints, otherwise I do not see what I am painting until I have finishedI have done over 42 paintings and most have been sold to Psychiatric doctors, who show a fascination with My work.
My most expensive painting was sold for over $10,000 to a gentleman here in Lakeland area. Shangri-la is the painting

Did I mention I also invented something with one of My very good VIP clients? We invented a grocery store conveyor belt cleaner to remove bacteria and contaminants from the nasty filthy grocery store belts we put our food on..We have a patent but did not build the prototype .
I also used to do Interior design for the Elite crowd/ million dollar homes mainly when I had My flower shop :

Being a Goddess


My various tastes allow me to appreciate life from its most simple form to its most refined indulgence. Whether youre looking for an escape from your stressful day, A great companion to share a bottle of wine with over dinner, or a fun weekend, I would be honored to accompany you.
I love making new friends and truly enjoy the presence of a well-groomed Professional gentleman. If youre more concerned with the QUALITY and CALIBER of the woman you spend time with, here is an invitation away from the ordinary. It would be a pleasure to meet you during your stay in town.

I am always looking for new experiences and amazing memories, so Lets Play!
I feel I can never get enough knowledge,it is My addiction.
I have been here on Earth for many lifetimes Yes I believe heavily in reincarnation and Incarnation, as Einstein stated and it is confirmed through science Energy Never dies ,it only changes form- We do however retain memories in our cells from our past lives and when W/we leave this body, our spirit retains all the memories of all our lives and this is a Very beautiful thing, so just know that Nothing is really forgotten ,it is just temporarily hiddenWe only use 4% of our brains and some of you are using much less we are all retarded as humans and the biggest thing we have going is usually our EGOS
I am also an Advanced Nitrox Scuba Diver and hold Naui and Padi certifications, Deep diving ,Drift diving,cold water specialist extreme dives ,Wreck diving and I am working on My Cave Tech certification, Yes I am a thrill seeker and adrenaline rush girl and I am relatively fearless .

I started on My Spiritual Shamanic path at a young age (10) after experiencing an out of body Astral Travel experience . The experience made Me want to study more about it ,I have spent countless hours studying the Metaphysical sciences/Fringe sciences and also ended up doing some Past Lives Regression therapy also along the way where I discovered a few of My past lives many in Lemuria, Atlantis,Ancient Egypt originating as a Starseed from Plaedes-Alcyone in Lyra Constellation. I was even burned during the Salem Witch trials accused of witchcraft.

About me Goddess

About Me

I am pleasing to the eye that has immaculate taste.

I am a natural healer and can help you feel better on so many different levels, I am honored to help those in need, There is a reason you have found Me..There is NO coincidence in this world-Everything happens for a Reason.

I am a very creative, elusive,eccentric artist type, I am a World Class floral designer / special events planner, an oil painter ,an Interior designer,and a un-formally trained gourmet chef who has been an Elite Courtesan since a very young age (15) for a few very wealthy men on and off throughout My life, I have traveled the world and have experienced different cultures and amazing things . This lifestyle has left Me with lots of time to study and gain wisdom and knowledge beyond My years.

I never worked for I have been a Professional Couture Model for Eileen Seals International , I have owned a very successful Elite Floral design shop catering to the VIP/Celebrity crowds, I have been a Metallic- substance broker flying by private jet all over the world recycling Titanium and other High Temperature metals from large Chemical Corporations, I majored in Clinical Psychology in college specializing in Abnormal Psychology, Behavior Modification and Sexual Deviance with a Minor in Drama . I continue to study and research the subjects listed below:

The Art of Seduction

Holistic healing and medicine, Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.
Fringe science- a huge JJ abrahms fan and a huge Quentin Tarantino fan!
Chakras, Tantric sciences-arts, Quantum Massage and Energy
transfer, Polarity therapy, Chromotherapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Vibrational therapy-Resonance therapy, Tuning fork therapy, Egyptian and Celtic Tarot cards, Remote viewing , Astral projection/ Astral Travel, Multi-Dimensional travel, Time travel, Quantum jumping,
HAARP( our Governments own Resonance testing facility), Stargates located around the world.
AUTECH/NASA ( underwater area 51)they also believe this is where the sunken Atlantis is secured by our Government -here at this site,Bemini islands ) Blue holes are small underwater caves, apparently formed from within, which are found predominately in the area of the Bahamas archipelago.

I think it possible that blue holes may, perhaps, have been formed by the popping in and out of existence of micro-wormholes.
Reiki, Crystal healing, Gem and Stone healing,Gemology, Herbology, Wicca, Native American mythology and spells, Dimension 5 Manifestation and Majick, Ascension counselor, Past -Life Regression, Spiritual Advisor, Animal Totems, Spirit guides, Ancient Egyptology, Book of the dead, Lemuria, Atlantis, Edgar Cayce research, Shamanic healing.Starseeds.
Zero-point grid, Electro- magnetic fields, UFOs,Bermuda Triangle/Devils Triangle,Wormholes and Time/Space rips.
Illuminati (did you know if you spell Illuminati backwards and put a dot com on it it will take you to the website of N.S.A.. hmmm interesting, I am not making this shit up people see for yourself!).


goddess of egypt


FIRST TIME FRIENDS IT IS REQUIRED YOU call Me -I RARELY offer same day service,please give Me a minimum day notice or longer for a guaranteed appointment.Sometimes I can see you with a 2 hour notice if My schedule permits, and you are accepted.
You must be verifiable,by ways of references of other providers or Preferred 411 is acceptable.
Email or all emails will be returned as soon as possible
Unless I am out of the country a phone call is always better.
I May also be reached at (813) 760-6208 from 10am-9pm daily..
This is My private estate.
Discretion is Mandatory,Everyone will be screened for safety, Mine and yoursI require a phone call prior to meeting for the first time.No exceptions..This is how I screen My friends , I am relatively picky about who I spend My time with. Quality Trumps Quantity for Me- and I hope you are the same way too.Please allow proper time for appointments 2 hour notice minimum when schedule permits,a Day or longer is preferred.

I am not available on a moments notice . Please let Me know what type of experience you seek and how long you desire to spend with Me..
I always wear stockings,stilettos,and matching bra / pantie set for you with a garter belt, I take My time preparing for you,making sure all the little details are covered.
I am always Highly maintained, Nails, Hair, etc..

Donations; I accept Cash and Green Dot Visa .
DONATIONS ARE FOR MY TIME AND COMPANIONSHIP, WHAT HAPPENS BETWEEN TWO ADULTS IS PRIVATE; I prefer multiple hours and so will you-Most of My sessions are 2-3 hours , an hour is just never enough!
1 Hour $350
2 hours $600
3 hours $900
4 hours $1200
GFE/VIP sessions $400 hour (For the gentleman who wants IT ALL!)
2 hours $800
3 hours $1100
4 hours $1400
Please let Me know if you are a VIP friend -Priority is everything!
1/2 and 1/2 Sessions are available Do an hour regular and an hour VIP -see which you prefer!!!
2 Hours $750
3 Hours $1150
4 Hours $1500
get yourself a gift The Memory of a Lifetime!

International travel with a 2-3 week notice and deposit required.
State to State travel with a 2 -3 day notice deposit required.

Lets Play..

Most of My photos were shot on a camera phone-no touch ups or doctored photos,many people tell Me I look better in person and I like it this way- I am real and My boobs are real no surgical procedures,rock hard parts or unsightly scars . If you like to see reviews you may go to My links page and click on Naughty reviews link or my The erotic review link and check out what the guys have to say about Me.

Consideration is always in US currency- no matter what part of the world I travel too.Advanced notice and deposit required. 3 day notice statewide- International 2 week notice.
I do travel often with special clientele and will not answer My phone when I am out of the country ,keep this in mind if you are having trouble reaching Me.

I adore traveling and make an excellent fun and classy addition to your boring business trip,sometimes you just need to mix business with Pleasure.,and I am the perfect companion for this.I do not provide full service / sex or anything illegal,do not ask-Donations are for time ,modeling and companionship what happens between two adults is private.