I am pleasing to the eye that has immaculate taste.

I am a natural healer and can help you feel better on so many different levels, I am honored to help those in need, There is a reason you have found Me..There is NO coincidence in this world-Everything happens for a Reason.

I am a very creative, elusive,eccentric artist type, I am a World Class floral designer / special events planner, an oil painter ,an Interior designer,and a un-formally trained gourmet chef who has been an Elite Courtesan since a very young age (15) for a few very wealthy men on and off throughout My life, I have traveled the world and have experienced different cultures and amazing things . This lifestyle has left Me with lots of time to study and gain wisdom and knowledge beyond My years.

I never worked for https://www.sexemodel.com/ I have been a Professional Couture Model for Eileen Seals International , I have owned a very successful Elite Floral design shop catering to the VIP/Celebrity crowds, I have been a Metallic- substance broker flying by private jet all over the world recycling Titanium and other High Temperature metals from large Chemical Corporations, I majored in Clinical Psychology in college specializing in Abnormal Psychology, Behavior Modification and Sexual Deviance with a Minor in Drama . I continue to study and research the subjects listed below:

The Art of Seduction

Holistic healing and medicine, Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.
Fringe science- a huge JJ abrahms fan and a huge Quentin Tarantino fan!
Chakras, Tantric sciences-arts, Quantum Massage and Energy
transfer, Polarity therapy, Chromotherapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Vibrational therapy-Resonance therapy, Tuning fork therapy, Egyptian and Celtic Tarot cards, Remote viewing , Astral projection/ Astral Travel, Multi-Dimensional travel, Time travel, Quantum jumping,
HAARP( our Governments own Resonance testing facility), Stargates located around the world.
AUTECH/NASA ( underwater area 51)they also believe this is where the sunken Atlantis is secured by our Government -here at this site,Bemini islands ) Blue holes are small underwater caves, apparently formed from within, which are found predominately in the area of the Bahamas archipelago.

I think it possible that blue holes may, perhaps, have been formed by the popping in and out of existence of micro-wormholes.
Reiki, Crystal healing, Gem and Stone healing,Gemology, Herbology, Wicca, Native American mythology and spells, Dimension 5 Manifestation and Majick, Ascension counselor, Past -Life Regression, Spiritual Advisor, Animal Totems, Spirit guides, Ancient Egyptology, Book of the dead, Lemuria, Atlantis, Edgar Cayce research, Shamanic healing.Starseeds.
Zero-point grid, Electro- magnetic fields, UFOs,Bermuda Triangle/Devils Triangle,Wormholes and Time/Space rips.
Illuminati (did you know if you spell Illuminati backwards and put a dot com on it it will take you to the website of N.S.A.. hmmm interesting, I am not making this shit up people see for yourself!).