My various tastes allow me to appreciate life from its most simple form to its most refined indulgence. Whether youre looking for an escape from your stressful day, A great companion to share a bottle of wine with over dinner, or a fun weekend, I would be honored to accompany you.
I love making new friends and truly enjoy the presence of a well-groomed Professional gentleman. If youre more concerned with the QUALITY and CALIBER of the woman you spend time with, here is an invitation away from the ordinary. It would be a pleasure to meet you during your stay in town.

I am always looking for new experiences and amazing memories, so Lets Play!
I feel I can never get enough knowledge,it is My addiction.
I have been here on Earth for many lifetimes Yes I believe heavily in reincarnation and Incarnation, as Einstein stated and it is confirmed through science Energy Never dies ,it only changes form- We do however retain memories in our cells from our past lives and when W/we leave this body, our spirit retains all the memories of all our lives and this is a Very beautiful thing, so just know that Nothing is really forgotten ,it is just temporarily hiddenWe only use 4% of our brains and some of you are using much less we are all retarded as humans and the biggest thing we have going is usually our EGOS
I am also an Advanced Nitrox Scuba Diver and hold Naui and Padi certifications, Deep diving ,Drift diving,cold water specialist extreme dives ,Wreck diving and I am working on My Cave Tech certification, Yes I am a thrill seeker and adrenaline rush girl and I am relatively fearless .

I started on My Spiritual Shamanic path at a young age (10) after experiencing an out of body Astral Travel experience . The experience made Me want to study more about it ,I have spent countless hours studying the Metaphysical sciences/Fringe sciences and also ended up doing some Past Lives Regression therapy also along the way where I discovered a few of My past lives many in Lemuria, Atlantis,Ancient Egypt originating as a Starseed from Plaedes-Alcyone in Lyra Constellation. I was even burned during the Salem Witch trials accused of witchcraft.