I was born an Artist and live a Very eccentric lifestyle I am naturally blessed in anything artistic , creating fantasies,illusions,flowers,oil paintings, gourmet meals , anything I desire to make life prettier,more fantastic and magical, I am posting My work just a sample of what I can do to amuse and entertain the Gods winkI live and breathe to entertain and pamper myself and you in luxury
I was very successful here in North Tampa area as a designer and My shop AWESOME BLOSSSOMS INC. had the connections to over 325 farms worldwide ,I could overnight exotics people had never seen before and I was considered The Best in town , I did up to 4 weddings a weekend and special events for celebrities and large corporations, I made over $325,000 My first year and it was soon after that a family member stole My shop illegally signing My shares of the corporation into their name and stealing My dreams and financial future as a respectable designer . I was so devastated ,I didnt leave My house for over a year and started painting for the first time in My life to get through the depression, this is when I created the oil painting collection I even had an art show and sold most of My 42 paintings, I however kept My favorites and hold a private collection you may view when you come to My private estate. Escape is one of them.
I then decided to take all My knowledge of the Meta physical/Fringe sciences and create an erotic alternative spa experience to harmonize your mind,body and spirit as well as all your earthly desires as a Goddess/High Priestess from the past , I have diversified knowledge in Crystal healing and Chakra re-balancing as well as being a sensual creature that adores men and exploring their desires and needs- Hence My new venture for the past Four years I have been enjoying all the new friends I have met and take care of as a healer/sensualist..

I paint very large Expressionistic paintings . I paint in the dark by full moon or candlelight just to mix My paints, otherwise I do not see what I am painting until I have finishedI have done over 42 paintings and most have been sold to Psychiatric doctors, who show a fascination with My work.
My most expensive painting was sold for over $10,000 to a gentleman here in Lakeland area. Shangri-la is the painting

Did I mention I also invented something with one of My very good VIP clients? We invented a grocery store conveyor belt cleaner to remove bacteria and contaminants from the nasty filthy grocery store belts we put our food on..We have a patent but did not build the prototype .
I also used to do Interior design for the Elite crowd/ million dollar homes mainly when I had My flower shop :